• Marshall Cavendish | Cloze Practice Primary 1 (2nd Edition)

Marshall Cavendish | Cloze Practice Primary 1 (2nd Edition)

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Marshall Cavendish
The Cloze Practice series is designed to help pupils overcome diffculties they may face when they do cloze passages. Suitable for both supervised and independent use, this series will serve as a handy resource guide for pupils, parents and teachers. This book provides a wide range of text types in accordance with the latest English Language syllabus from the Ministry of Education (Singapore). It includes three sections: 1) Grammar Cloze - Teaching pages explain different word classes concisely with illustrative examples. 2) Vocabulary Cloze - Exercises cover a wide range of themes and help to expand pupils’ vocabulary. 3) Comprehension Cloze - The integration of grammar and vocabulary cloze sharpens pupils’ skills in attempting cloze passages.
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