• Marshall Cavendish | Distinction in English - ‘O’ Level Vocabulary

Marshall Cavendish | Distinction in English - ‘O’ Level Vocabulary

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Marshall Cavendish

About the Book:

Distinction in English: ‘O’ Level Vocabulary is for students who wish to build up their vocabulary in preparation for the ‘O’ Level examination.

• Stimulating and active study of the meanings and uses of words or expressions through exercises in context to facilitate teaching and learning of vocabulary

• Varied exercises are available to ensure that students master vocabulary and are able to apply their knowledge of new words accurately and effectively in other areas of English such as comprehension, writing and oral

• Friendly tips that suggest how student can build their vocabulary word bank effectively to promote active learning

• Special units that focus on strategies to tackle difficult words in the examinations help students to prepare for and score in the examinations

• Complete and comprehensive answer key encourages independent learning and practice

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